Squaw Valley

Once a favored summer grazing area for cattle and horses alike, Squaw Valley as we now know it was pioneered by visionaries Wayne and Sandy Poulsen in the 1940s. In 1960, the Winter Olympic Games were held in Squaw Valley. Around the globe, people were able to watch the first ever televised Olympic Games and the secret was out. The beauty and magic of those early days in Squaw Valley brought Tamara’s family to this area as well.

There are several mini-neighborhoods in Squaw Valley. The original houses were built on the south-facing side of the valley, eventually covering the area from the west-end of the valley across from the ski area and KT22, to the east end of the valley along the winding “Squaw Creek.” Some of those early cabins and houses of the Olympic era have now given way to larger, custom mountain homes.

The newer, private developments of Squaw Creek Estates, Homesites at Squaw Creek, Creekside Estates, Painted Rock, Hidden Lake and Squaw Summit offer high-end homes with varying locations, views, and amenities.

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